Top 5 styles that will make her cry very hard on bed and run from you (Photos)

You don’t need to memorize the Kama Sutra to keep your woman happy in the bedroom, but knowing a few of the best sex positions to take her over the edge can go a long way. All men want to make sure that their ladies get their big o before the night’s over, and knowing the right positions for an orgasm will get you there.

The classic missionary position

Classics are classics for a good reason. The tried and true missionary position is the most popular among women when it comes to pleasure. They love the weight of their partner above them, the closeness and intimacy of being able to see their face during the act itself and it also does a little more for them than most positions. If you go in at a diagonal angle you’re likely to build up friction against her clit, and whether it’s your first date or you’re trying to breathe life into your relationship, an orgasm from your woman is a great way to end the night.

Let her ride on top

Women love riding on top because it gives them control over their own orgasms. Rather than having to wait for you to figure out which pace is best for her, why not let her get right to it? And if you pay attention you’ll learn exactly how she likes it when you try out a few other positions later on.

Give it to her doggy style

Doggie style is another great position for giving her control. She can adjust her range of motion for the best angle, and you have a better chance of hitting that elusive g-spot. It also leaves your hands free to play with her clit or massage her breasts, adding extra stimulus.

Spooning isn’t just for cuddling

While spooning is best known as a post-sex cuddle, it also happens to be a very arousing position during sex. If your lady isn’t into deep penetration, spooning is the way to go. It gives her more stimulation in the front position of her vagina which happens to be where the largest cluster of nerves are for her. It gives her a tighter fit without as much penetration, making it a great time for both of you.

Raise those ankles high

On the other hand, if your lady likes it deep, by all means ask her to hike up those ankles. When you’re laying on top of someone or if she’s on her back it can be difficult to get in deep, but adjusting the position of her legs can help you go in as deep as is physically possible. Try raising her ankles up so they rest on top of your shoulders. This allows you to get in close or far away, adjusting the height of her legs as you move as much as you need them to. You can also try bending her legs at the knees and pressing them against her chest.

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