Love is a scam, Stop loving Women - Davido (Photos)

The Nigerian artist Davido has finally reacted to a statement made by a fans.

He said;

The word love should be scrapped from dictionary and replaced with deceit, because of the word called love many have perished, many have being hurt and many are now monsters.

I always thought was a beautiful thing, but I can confidently tell you its a scam, never fall in love if you want to avoid nightmares, never fall in love if you want to avoid heartaches, never fall in love if you don't want to be disappointed.

Everyone should just date with no string attached, expect less from your lover and you'd save yourself from pains, never give your all in a relationship for it might end up crushing and demoralizing you, if it was possible go into a relationship with just the sole aim of gaining and not loving.

You see people who are mean to those they are dating and you call them heartless, please don't because they've been hurt and betrayed by love.

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